SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing service has been a massive success for businesses. DO you know, there are 23 billion text messages revolve around the globe? Yes! Such is the power of SMS.
Siwtech’s solution for business SMS is the ideal source for you to make your outreach more illustrious. Our clients across all industries have tapped the opportunity provided by text messages or SMS marketing services to increase their customers, simplify transactions, and enhance security.

sms marketing services

SMS Marketing Service at a Glance

SMS marketing is trialed and tested the formula to communicate with customers. With our bulk text SMS marketing service, you can enjoy a wide range of industry innovations, from information amalgamation to online service of the address book.

What we do

Our process is quite simple. We get your contact list along with the message and upload. We ensure that your message is delivered accurately as you require. Providing SMS service to different mobile devices allows you to convince your specific customers, unlike conventional marketing service.
Siwtech has the best team to provide you the most exceptional SMS marketing service. We ask our clients their needs and suggest solutions which best suit their requirements. We are known to be trusted SMS marketing service provider as getting confidential contact list demands trustworthiness. Our customers trust us, and we pay back their trust in the form of quality service.

Snapshot of importance of SMS Marketing

Financial Service Business

If you are running a financial service business, our SMS Campaign service can benefit you to:

  • Auto-generated text messages for the verification of Login details, OTP authorizations, or different types of notifications.
  • SMS alerts and bulk SMS’s helps to avert the risk of fraud by instantly notifying customers of any suspicious activities.

If you are running a business related to healthcare, our bulk SMS sending service can help you to:

  • Help customers meet the physicians. Through our service, patients can achieve the relevant doctors or consultants on their designated time frame.
  • Organize and improve relationships between physicians and patients by confirming the appointment. While if customers have missed the scheduled meetings, you can reschedule or advertise new timings of your organization’s staff.

Above are just a few examples of how we can cater to different businesses with bulk SMS sending services.

Siwtech has the best text message marketing service. We provide service which comprises of ease of use, intuitive dashboards, etc. We provide the expertise of all levels through which you can manage and run successful marketing campaigns.

Siwtech SMS advertisement service has various helpful tools, including automation. We offer quality automation tools for text messaging service. This tool can aid you by sending messages repeatedly, for instance, recurring reminders.

Services related to SMS Marketing

Our other services include contact management, free incoming text messages, MMS, scheduling, drip campaigns, message templates, surveys, etc.

How we Work

You can have access to our ____ character limit and send loud, concise, and clear information to your audience. Also, through a personalization facility, you can address your customers as if you are treating on an individual basis. Similarly, you can enable yourself to deliver and receive messages from our bulk SMS marketing service. Lastly, Siwtech is available 24/7 to serve our customers.

Therefore, if you are in search of a reliable SMS marketing service provider, we are the right choice for you.

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